Join the Summer Program on Architecture, Land Development & Real Estate. 8.7.2019 - 23.8.2019

The main goal of the Summer Program on Architecture is to cover a wide range of profession-related subjects normally not studied at schools of architecture; something that will be very helpful to the students in the real world.

Architecture, Land Development, Real Estate

Initially, a young architect’s work is performed under the leadership of senior architects. As junior architects progress in their careers, they become the leaders on various projects themselves. The ECCE School, in general, is oriented towards preparing students for future careers in various fields and on becoming the leaders within their profession. The unique ECCE Architecture program of lectures is designed on that basis. The three parts of the curriculum (the lectures, the internship program, and the design assignment) will give students more confidence and a much better understanding of the business world of architecture, planning, real estate, land development, and construction.

What is our approach?The following is how ECCE Summer Program works:

General Structure of the Program

Part I - Lectures (3 weeks, July 8 to July 26)

The lectures are undertaken over a period of 3 weeks.

The morning lectures taught in classrooms will concentrate on career-oriented subjects like cooperation between architects, land developers and real estate consultants, the architectural design of commercial buildings from a commercial point of view, working with clients and with authorities, planning and management of cities’ growth, and heritage protection. We will touch on the know-how of the land development process and discuss how various markets’ trends (e.g. hotels, retail, office, residential) impact the design and development process; we will teach the skills that students need to become team leaders in that process.

In the afternoons, students will often be using the City as the classroom. They will be studying specific historical and contemporary buildings and neighborhoods in Prague, as well as in Berlin, Vienna, and Brno during excursions, in such a way that supports and complements the commercial and business-oriented curriculum of the ECCE School. We will also explore the business and development aspects of the process during various historical periods, which are well represented in Prague. The idea is to teach and learn how historical and recent projects and city planning processes influence current thinking and trends. The afternoon program, just like the morning one, is specifically designed and structured to advance students’ career options.


Three one-day excursions on three respective Saturdays, related to the curriculum, include visits to Vienna, Berlin, and Brno in the Czech Republic. They are all included in the Architecture program.


The courses will be taught by leading local and international architects and planners, professionals from land development and real estate firms, and by leading architectural historians.


Part II - Internships (3 - 4 weeks, July 29 to August 16 or 23)

After the three weeks of lectures, the students will take part in Internships with prominent local and international architectural and development firms based in Prague or possibly in other surrounding countries. The students will have an opportunity to apply and further advance knowledge gained during the lecture stage. More details about Internships below in the text.


Part III – Design Assignment (6 weeks, July 9 to August 16)

In addition, there will be a simple design assignment related to the content of the curriculum, for students to work on over the duration of the program. It will be assigned on the first day of lectures. Some of the architects, developers, and professors which make up our Lecturers list will be involved in design workshops and in evaluations of students’ work.

ECCE Grand Reception

Traditionally Summer Program opens with:


  • Welcome gala evening for ECCE students, which provides an opportunity to meet the inspiring people who contribute to the ECCE community and also to meet other students from other fields of studies (Law, International Business)

  • In 2019, the Grand Reception will take place in mid-July

  • The Grand Reception also serves as an annual meeting place of top-level representatives from Czech and foreign companies, politicians, diplomats, and academia

Lectures & Lecturers

Here are some of the lecturers for the Architecture program and their lectures:


  • Ian Bogle, Architect, (Director at Ian Bogle Architects, London, Prague, Hong Kong; Designing Green Buildings)

  • Christian Junge, Dipl.Ing. Arch. MSc LSE (Urbanlogic Ltd, Principal Partner: Planning and Designing Green Cities)
  • Vendula Hnídková, Ph.D. (Professor at the Institute of History of Art, Prague: Cubist Architecture, and Bauhaus Movement)
  • Sean Clifton, RIBA  (Architect, Director at Prague office of Jestico+Whiles Arch’s: Commercial Aspects of Residential Architecture)
  • Stephen Weeks, Royal Society of Arts (Conservationist, Historian, Writer, London, Prague: Conserving and Adapting Historical Buildings)
  • Dr. Richard Kurdiovsky, Mag. (Institute for History of Art & Musicology in Vienna: City Planning & Viennese Architecture of the 19th century)
  • Filip Pokorny, Ing.Arch, Ph.D. (Director at Chapman Taylor Architects, Prague: Mall Design in Time of Online Shopping)
  • Jaromir Hainc, Ing.arch Ph.D., (Prague Institute of Planning and Development: Managing the City of Prague,  Planning for the future)

  • Michal Kovářík, Ing. , Czech Technical University (Digital Fabrication & Robotics, New Paradigm in Architecture)

  • Karel Smejkal, Ing. , Ph.D., Czech Technical University (Psychology in Architecture, Determining Effectivity of Architects' work)

  • Tu Nguyen, B.Sc., (Valuer at Cushman&Wakefield, Valuations, to what extent can Valuations influence value of RE)

  • Karen Hartley, Real Estate Consultant, Director of Prague Properties: Architects and Real Estate, Business Environment, Evaluating Transactions)
  • Vladimir Šlapeta, DrSc. (Architect, Historian, Professor at Technical Universities in Prague and Brno: Le Corbusier to Czech Functionalism & Purism)


The complete list of lecturers can be seen under LECTURERS section on this website.



ECCE internship programs offer a much needed and unique job experience with some of the best architecture and development companies in Prague and abroad:


  • A 3 - 4-week internship (students’ choice of 3 or 4 weeks) at a local architecture or real estate development company chosen specifically for each student (1-2 students per company)
  • Students can choose between a 3 or 4 week period for the Internship, depending on their travel plans
  • Internships are always under close supervision and guidance of senior company representatives, who attend to students and coach them further
  • Office-based work related to the practice of architecture such as research, working with various software programs, attending meetings, visiting construction sites, etc.
  • Tailored to each individual student
  • Our partners range from large international companies with a broad scope to smaller but focused local practices. For the architecture internship program, we have partners like Jestico+ Whiles Architecture, Urbanlogic Ltd., Chapman Taylor Architects, Aukett Swanke, Ian Bryan Architects, D.A.M. architekti, GeddesKanka Architects, AED Project and more. The complete list of partners can be seen under PARTNERS section on this website.


ECCE also offers its students varied and interesting entertainment options while in Prague:


  • ECCE staff arranges various team-building events for students throughout the period of lectures and internships
  • We encourage students to participate in local culture and immerse themselves in the local lifestyle
  • We arrange a number of social events including Prague sightseeing tours. ECCE students are also able to visit galleries and museums and attend concerts, theatre, opera and other significant cultural events
  • We also arrange trips around the Czech Republic and other European countries to destinations such as Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Vienna, Berlin


Graduation & Certificates

  • A ECCE Certificate of Graduation which is recognized worldwide will be provided
  • Following the completion of lectures, ECCE management holds an informal certificate awarding ceremony
  • Certificates of ECCE graduation are issued under the auspices of ECCE partner companies granting certificates of internships

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