Expand your knowledge and skills in modern medicine by attending our summer program and elective. 9.7.2018 - 17.8.2018

Benefit from the experience of our Summer program and the tailor-made elective in the beautiful Prague in the Heart of Europe. The Summer Program on Medicine offers a vast range of lectures and also internships to choose from. We aim to develop students at a professional and personal level by focusing on the needs of each individual student.

This year’s program will take place from 9th July until 17th August 2018 in Prague

With research in medicine moving at tremendous speed, how can students keep their knowledge up to date? How often do medical students hear that they will understand the medical world and learn the most only after they enter the real world?

It is no secret that out of all areas of education medicine is the most challenging. Universities can never convey all information and often young professionals find that the biggest struggles still await them.


What is our approach?Here is how ECCE Summer Program works.

The Medical Program and Main topics

The medicine program includes:

  • Spend 6 weeks in beautiful Prague
  • 3 weeks lecture based days where local and worldwide specialists will present their expertise
  • 4-6 weeks offer tailor-made work experience in local hospitals, private clinics or pharmaceutical companies

This year we will focus on six main pillars:

  • Latest Medical Trends in the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer
  • Big Data in Medicine
  • The Age of Head Transplants
  • Neuroscience
  • Nutrition in Diabetes
  • Avoiding Burnout

The main goal of the ECCE Summer Program in Medicine is:

  • Bridge difficulties mentioned above in the professional world to teach young medical students how to approach them through theory as well as practical 
  • To offer a vast range of lectures and also tailor-made internships to choose from
  • Broaden students' knowledge on the latest worldwide trends in selected areas of medicine. It covers fields and information which expand beyond the extent of tuition generally provided at Medical Universities, but topics of importance for the future practice of the candidates.
  • ECCE aims to provide its graduates with an extra advantage among their colleagues  by standing out from the crowd in order to have an advantage in the job market


Who are the lecturers?

The first three weeks consist of lectures given by world-renowned experts as well as representatives from leading companies both in the Czech Republic and worldwide such as:

Prof. Xiaoping Ren, MD., FICS (Director in Hand and Microsurgical Center of the Harbin Medical University in China and adjunct faculty in Loyola University Chicago)

Dr. Hana Kahleová, MD., PhD (Director of Clinical Research, Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine Washington, DC, Diabetes Consultant Doctors at the Institute of Medical and Experimental Medicine)

MUDr. Tomáš Šebek (Doctors Without Borders, Entrepreneur and ATLS Consultant under the American College of Surgeons)

PhDr. Martin Loučka (Director of Centre for Palliative Care and Assistant professor at the 3rd Medical Faculty at Charles University)

Adrian Williams PhD. (Director Functional Neuroimaging Program, Brunel University London)

Jiří Kůs (President of the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry in the Czech Republic and an Entrepreneur)

ECCE Grand Reception

Grand Opening of the Summer Programs

Our students and guest speakers are welcome at the ECCE gala evening. This evening gives students opportunities to meet many inspiring peers as well as network with top-level professionals, representatives, academics, and politicians from the Czech Republic and other countries who contribute to the ECCE community in various ways.

Amongst the 350  guests of the evening who have accepted our invitation last year are large names such as Graciela Chichilniski (Nobel Peace Prize laureate), Xiu Laigui  (Xiuzheng Pharmaceuticals, EY Entrepreneur of the year 2015 in China winner), and many more.


Our Program offers you the much-needed experience in the form of an internship.

The 3-week internship at either a medical or a research institution or at a pharmaceutical company will be provided to you according to the ECCE test results. 

Internships are always under close watch and guidance of senior company representatives, who attend to students and coaches them further.

Our partners range from the largest international companies with broad scope, large hospitals to smaller but focused clinics.

Entertainment & Graduation

What can the students do besides lectures and internships?

  • our staff arranges various team-building events for students throughout the lectures period (first month) of the Summer Program
  • our goal is to engage students in various free time activities and introduce them to the Czech culture in an entertaining way
  • we hold escapers, karaoke, laser games, barbecues, Prague sightseeing, traditional products and souvenirs shopping, etc.
  • trips around the Czech Republic and abroad such as Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, Vienna, Berlin, Dresden, etc.


  • worldwide recognized a certificate of ECCE graduation
  • following the end of lectures, ECCE staff holds an informal certificate awarding ceremony, usually in a form of evening BBQ event


To apply simply complete the ECCE on-line form. We will respond within 48 hours. Should you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your interest and welcome to the world of ECCE Summer Programs!

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To apply, complete the ECCE on-line form. We will respond as quickly as possible. Should you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your interest & welcome to the world of ECCE Summer Programs!

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