International Business

Experience our renowned concept of Business in Context and participate in the Summer Program in International Business. 8.7.2019 - 23.8.2019

Comprehensive knowledge of one’s field is essential, but true leaders in business need to be able to apply that knowledge in practice. Our goal is to provide ECCE graduates with an extra advantage and help them stand out from their colleagues. The Program is awarded 4 ECTS credits for every successful graduate.

Mastering the theory of economics, finance and business is important. But what distinguishes truly successful people is their ability to skillfully apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Our Summer Program in International Business aims to help students achieve exactly this. In addition to having access to lectures given by the leading European business people, our students have the opportunity to experience day-to-day practice at the best companies all around Europe. The program is awarded 4 ECTS credits for every successful graduate.

In order to truly stand out, our students are offered a broad range of internships from which they can choose the one most aligned with their own career focus and personal interests. This will serve as a valuable addition to their understanding of the field and help them in their first job applications, as well as future professional careers.

What is our approach?The following is how ECCE Summer Program works:

Concept of "Learning by Experience"

We want ECCE students to experience what it is like to work in the field of international business transactions and further enhance their skills, focusing both on their personal and professional development. Topics covered by the Summer Program on International Business in 2019 will be carefully selected to match the constantly changing world of business. Topics may differ slightly from each year.


  • Soft Skills in Business
  • Cross-Cultural Business
  • Quantitative Investments
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  • Business Law, Mergers
  • Ethics in Business
  • Management Leadership
  • Communication Skills and Negotiation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Small Business Management
  • Financial Statement and Budgeting
  • Production and Project Management
  • Quality Management, Supply Chain Management
  • Real Estate
  • Investment Strategies and Valuation
  • Burnout
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility

ECCE Grand Reception

Students will be welcomed at the ECCE Gala Evening which will also be an opportunity to meet many inspiring people contributing to the ECCE community. The event partially serves as an annual meeting place for politicians, diplomats, academics and top-level representatives from Czech and international companies. We host about 350 guests each year.


Our previous guests included: Gao Xiqing (former president of China Investment Corporation), Xiu Laigui  (Xiuzheng Pharmaceuticals, EY Entrepreneur of the year 2015 in China winner), Amy Cheng  (VP Bank of China) or Graciela Chichilniski (Nobel Peace Prize laureate) and many others.


The 2019 ECCE Gala Evening will take place in mid-July.


Lectures & Lecturers

All of our lecturers are experts and pioneers in their field. They will engage with students during three weeks of intensive lectures. The scope of the lectures ranges from insights into current trends to the very essentials of business and commerce. ECCE lecturers are seasoned representatives from leading companies, both in the Czech Republic and worldwide. These include:


Petr Kolář (Ambassador and Senior Advisor), Radek Špicar (Aspen Institute, President), Gao Xiqing (former President and Chief Investment Officer, China Investment Corporation), Radka Dohnalová (Harvard Uni Graduate, Atairu, founder and owner), Leoš Dvořák (Head of Digitalization, Siemens Czech Republic),  Alex Braun (Managing Director, SKDKnickerbocker), Jan Rýdl (CEO TOS Varnsdorf), Václav Nekvapil (Managing Partner, CEC Government Relations) and many others.


Our internships are just the right experience and will drive the students to new heights.


The internships are 4-5 week work experience sessions arranged at a company chosen for each student according to ECCE test results, with 1-2 students per company. Internships are always under close supervision and guidance of senior company representatives who look after students, coach them and help them grow. The scope of work done by our students during their internships typically includes the practical side of office work, such as research, translations, drafting of documents, writing of memoranda, attending meetings, etc.

The work duties of individual internships are tailored to fit each student’s personal and professional requirements. Students can choose an internship in several international ECCE partners located in various European cities. The internship opportunities range from the largest international companies with a broad scope of activities to smaller and more focused ones. In the past, these included: PwC, Škoda Auto, T-Mobile, Unicredit Bank, DHL, Siemens etc.

Entertainment & Graduation with ECTS Credits

Our students are offered a wide range of extracurricular activities during the Summer Program.

Our staff arranges various team-building events throughout the lecture period (first month) of the Summer Program. The goal is to engage students in various free time activities and introduce them to European culture in an entertaining and digestible way. We hold escape games, karaoke sessions, laser games and barbecues, and we go sightseeing in Prague and shop for traditional products and souvenirs. Trips around the Czech Republic and abroad are also organised, with destinations such as Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Vienna, Berlin etc.


Graduation and ECTS Credits

ECCE Graduation Certificates with worldwide recognition are provided.

Following the end of the summer lectures, ECCE holds an informal certificate awarding ceremony, usually in the form of an evening BBQ event. ECCE Graduation Certificates are issued under the auspices of the Charles University in Prague. (The oldest University in Central and Eastern Europe, est. 1348) and provide 4 ECTS credits to each Business Summer Program graduate.

ECCE partner companies grant reference letters of internships.

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