Dávid Fogad

Project Manager, Zlatá koruna

Topic: Presentation skills & Public speaking

David is project manager of Zlatá koruna, biggest and most recognised competition of financial products in the Czech Republic. He is responsible for the organisation as well as management of other related projects such as forums and VIP conferences. He is a former executive director of Millionaire Gallery Prague and former project manager of investment holding TNI Group.

Besides his involvement in Zlatá koruna, David is core team member of the Chamber of Project Managers, event manager of Cofola – Conference For Young Lawyers, leading instructor of Seznamovak and core team member of Institute of Economical Education.

He graduated the Law and International Trade at the Masaryk University in Brno and he is currently finishing Law and Legal Science programme. David has successfully participated on the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot at the Hong Kong finals receiving an „Honorable mention for the best oral advocate“.

One of his great passions is public speaking, which he practiced at various competitions, conferences, seminars, and workshops. His speeches are mostly designated to students with topics such as law, finance, and art of public speaking.