Two unique Summer Law Programs in cooperation with the Charles University in Prague for you to choose. Applications for 2018 are now open! 18.6.2018 - 3.8.2018 a 9.7.2018 - 24.8.2018

ECCE offers two separate thematic branches within each Summer Program in Law. They both overlap in time, but each has its own lectures and due assignments of internships. The first Programme starts on June 18, 2018. The second Programme starts on July 09, 2018. Both of them are awarded 4 ECTS credits for every successful graduate.

Participation in the Law Program is of interest not only for law school students. Both of our branches can be viewed as resourceful in almost any area. Broadening the horizon is a part of personal growth and a better understanding of legal field and law especially is something that is connected to most aspects of personal as well as work lives.
Our aim is to prepare future legal practitioners for their careers. We strive to assist our students also with an understanding of practical sides of the law and its commercial aspects through speaking to leaders from real life world.

What is our approach?Here is how ECCE Summer Program works.


Law Summer program offers you a possibility to choose between two specialisations. Perfectly in line with your goals or/and personal interests. Also, the internships are unique for each of the courses in order to extend even broader variety in between both groups of graduates.

Business Law branch (from 10 July 2017) is ideal for both business and law school base. It is the right choice when you want to explore business transactions from the business-law perspective. Therefore it is meant for both those who strive to be legal professionals but also want to get the insight of executives or entrepreneurs and those who desire to become entrepreneurs themselves. Contrary, the Law branch (from 19 June 2017) is meant for future legal professionals who strive to understand more specialised areas of law such as Energy Law, Capital Markets or Franchising. Both branches are organised under the auspice of Charles University.

The Law Branch

  • International Economic Law, EU Law & Regulations
  • Investment Arbitration, Capital Markets, Joint Ventures, M&A
  • International Taxation, International Contracts, Private Equity
  • Telecommunications, Energy, Labor and Competition Law
  • Compliance and Criminal Liability of Legal Entities

The Business Law Branch

  • Business Plan Writing, Internationalization of Companies
  • Deal Evaluation, Due Diligence & Compliance, M&A
  • International Contracts, Portfolio Investments
  • EU Regulation, International Business Law, Diplomacy
  • Business Development & Marketing, Economy

ECCE Grand Reception

Summer Programs' Traditional Opening

  • welcome gala evening for ECCE students and an opportunity to meet many inspiring people who contribute to the ECCE community in various ways
  • in 2018 to take place in mid-July
  • an annual meeting place of top-level representatives from Czech and foreign companies, politicians, diplomats, and academia
  • each year we host about 350 guests

Lectures & Lecturers

Each is a pioneer in their field

  • three weeks long series of lectures
  • lectures scope ranges from current trends to the very essentials of business and commerce
  • ECCE’s lecturers are seasoned representatives from market-leading companies both in Czech and worldwide such as:
    • Gao Xiqing (former President and Chief Investment Officer, China Investment Corporation)
    • Jakub Adam (partner, DLA Piper)
    •  Tomáš Hládek (Senior Executive Manager, Czech Banking Association)
    • Rostislav Pekař (partner, Squire Patton Boggs)
    • Petr Kuhn (founding Partner of BADOKH)
    • Nataša Randlová (head of Randl Partners´Employment, Law Department)
    • Patrik Przyhoda (partner at CMS Prague)
    • Tomáš Schollaert (partner, Pierstone) and others.


Our internship is the type of job you crave for

  • 4-5 week non-paid internship at a company is chosen for each student according to ECCE test results (1-2 students per company)
  • internships are always under close watch and guidance of senior company representatives, who attend to students and coaches them further
  • minor office work connected with the practice such as research, translations, memorandum writing etc.
  • contents of internships are adjusted to fit each student individually
  • students can also choose an internship offer from several foreign ECCE partners residing in various European cities. In 2016 it was Geneva, Milan, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Sofia, and Bratislava
  • our partners range from the largest international companies with broad scope to smaller but focused ones:

    PwC, Škoda Auto, T-Mobile, Unicredit Bank, Huawei, DHL, Siemens, Linet etc.

Entertainment & Graduation with ECTS Credits

What can students do besides lectures and internships?

  •  our staff arranges various team-building events for students throughout the lectures period (first month) of the Summer Program
  • our goal is to engage students in various free time activities and introduce them to European culture in an entertaining way
  • we hold escapers, karaoke, laser games, barbecues, Prague sightseeing, traditional products and souvenirs shopping, etc.
  • trips around the Czech Republic and abroad such as Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, Vienna, Berlin, Dresden, etc.

Graduation and ECTS Credits

Worldwide recognized a certificate of ECCE graduation

  • following the end of lectures, ECCE staff holds an informal certificate awarding ceremony, usually in a form of evening BBQ event
  • certificates of ECCE graduation are issued under the auspices of the Charles University in Prague, (The oldest University in Central and Eastern Europe, est. 1348.) providing 4 ECTS credits to each Law Summer Program graduate.
  • ECCE partner companies grant certificates of internships

How did your predecessors enjoy our Programs? Check out our event photos.

Wishing to apply for one of our unique Summer Programs?

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Thank you for your interest & welcome to the world of ECCE Summer Programs!

Registration fee
3 000 €


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