How could I apply? What will happen after I apply from the website?

You need to apply from APPLY button on top-right of this website and follow the instruction to fill in the form.    

After you submit your application on the website, you will get an auto-email which states you have successfully submitted your application. Within next 2 working days, our team member will contact you through the email address you provide to give you further instructions for payment/visa/accommodation. Please note to check your spam while you waiting for us to contact you, as some email server might identify foreign email as spam

Fees & Expenses

What does the tuition fee cover? What does it cover?

The program fee covers the cost of 3-week lectures, 4-5 weeks internships, a luxury opening reception (Grand reception) and Graduation ceremony with free food and drinks, the transportation to field trips organized by ECCE, the airport transfer service at the beginning and the end of the program, 4 ECTS credits rewards. The program fee does not include the food or accommodation expenses.

How much should I expect for the accommodation during my stay in Prague?

If you wish us to help you arrange the accommodation, you can follow the instruction in the email after you apply for our program. We cooperate with very comfortable student accommodation with very good prices for our participants. It cost about  €10-15/days depends on the type of the room you choose (previous students accommodation: Botic Student House) or you can book any accommodation you prefer through another platform by yourself.

What kind of free-time activities could I take part in?

We have field trips to well-known towns/castle of students’ choice outside Prague, Treasure Hunt, Tapfactor, Boat trip.

How could I pay the program fee?

Bank transfer: after you applied through our website, we will send you an email with a Reference Number and ECCE’s account detail for you to pay the program fee.  The currency will automatically change into Euro.

Account Holder: European Centre for Career Education  
Bank Name: Komercni Banka, a.s.
IBAN: CZ51-0100-0001-1537-7409-0277
Address of the Bank: Na Příkopě 33/969, Prague 1, 114 07, Czech Republic
Account NO.: 115-3774090277/0100

Can I get a refund if I can't make it because of the unexpected issue?

Refund is based on the individual situation. The cancellation after payment must be raised 40 days before the program starts. If the cancellation is due to your personal medical condition or Visa rejection from the government, after we receive the approve proof/evidence, we will provide you 95% of your payment and the bank transfer fee will be deducted from the total amount. The 5 % is connected with our administration services. Other cases will be discussed individually.

Can I still attend the program if I do not want to do the internship and will I have a discount?

We highly recommend you to benefit from the internship opportunity, but if you do not have the time or wish to attend only the lectures part, you can apply only for the first part of the program. In that case, you would not need to cover the full fee for the program, but a reduced one. You can always approach us for further details.


About the lecture

What is the schedule for the lectures?

There will be about 30 topics covered during the 3-week lectures (2 topics/day), which will be  arranged in 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00. The break will take place after the first half of the lecture.

Can I have the materials (e.g. PPT) from the lecturer?

Yes, you can.  After the lectures, we will upload most of the material into our Intraweb on the daily basis, where you can download with your account from ECCE’s website. (It might happen that some lecturers prefer not to share his/her PPT after the lecture due to the sensitive information in the PPT).

Is there an English level requirement?

If your first language is not English you must be able to provide recent evidence that your spoken and written command of the English language is adequate for the programs for which you have applied. 



Could I choose my own internship company? Is there a chance go other EU country?

Yes, you can choose any internship position from the list of ECCE’s partners based on your test results. Yes, there is a chance. We have more than 200 partners for students’ internships in about 15 Schengen countries.  

When could I choose my internship? How?

You can decide your internship at the end of the 3-week lectures. After 3-week lectures, all the students will take a small test (consisting question from lectures and english). The results from each student will be presented as a ranking list together with participation during lectures. The top 1 student will have the right to choose whichever company he/she prefers.

How many internship positions in one company?

Each company will have up to 2 internship positions.

Could I extend my internship after 4 weeks?

Yes, you could extend your internship up to 5 weeks (in total) based on the agreement from your internship company.

What should I expect from the internship? How many working hours?   

You could expect tailor-made internships in the fields of Architecture, Law, International Business and Medicine program. In most of the companies, you would work full-time during the internship. 


Is there any chance we could get a scholarship from ECCE?

Yes, there is a chance. We reward our students on the Graduation Ceremony based on their overall performance during the 3-week lectures as the appreciation for your contribution towards our program. The whole group will be closely observed, which the most active and talented students will be rewarded.

Is there any language proficiency required for this program?

Yes, fluent English in both spoken and written is highly required for the lectures and intern jobs.

Is related working experience required?   

No, the professional background is not compulsory.  Generally, you would gain the most if you have some knowledge/ studied the related topic as you will know better about what you want to learn from the program. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us.

Whom should I contact if I have any question?

You could contact our team via question@eccedu.org. One of our team members will reply you shortly, which normally in 48 hours. If you do not get our reply after 48 hours, it might because the email got lost on the way and we would like to contact us through another email of yours again.