Czech students' scholarships Ceremony

14. 06. 2018

ECCE organised an official introduction ceremony to all the scholarships dedicated to Czech students. On 13th of June, ten bright students who won ECCE's scholarships from the…

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Auspice from the Prague City Hall

11. 06. 2018

ECCE has the honour to be provided with an auspice from the Prague City Hall. We are proud and happy to be recognised by yet another institution.

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The tune is "Leaders voice"

08. 06. 2018

On May 15th, the European centre for Career education had the honour to organise “Leaders voice” event, with the kind cooperation of Creative Dock company.

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ECCE bridges academic knowledge and real-life experience

01. 06. 2018

ECCE didn't just respond to statistics but to real-life needs. About 650 applicants from more than 50 countries and 200 enrolled students from 20 countries - ECCE successfully…

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Hledáme dobrovolníky! Volunteers wanted!

22. 05. 2018

Hledáme energetické a aktivní dobrovolníky pro období od 16.6. - 31.7. Minimálně 3 dny v týdnu. We are looking for energetic and proactive volunteers to help us in the time…

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First 3 students to win our Law scholarships

16. 05. 2018

Three of the bright students have won full scholarships for ECCE's Law program this summer. They competed on Czech Moot Court and Roman Law Moot court, organised by our partner…

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Experience the Champagne  - challenge all your senses

14. 05. 2018

Axa and ECCE’s joint Champagne tasting was the peak of the beginning of the spring for us. We shared the challenging experience together with the kind support of Degustation and…

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The winners of ECCE's international scholarship competition are:

09. 05. 2018

It is time to announce the winners of ECCE's international scholarship competition! The ranked 4 students are spread among the Law and Architecture programs. Congratulation to the…

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We welcome innovation, do you?

10. 04. 2018

This month ECCE and Creative dock had the honour to organise the Corporate Innovation Best practices event. “We do that kind of events for carefully selected individuals because…

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