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Comprehensive knowledge of one’s field is essential, but it is also necessary to be able to apply that knowledge in practice. Our goal is to provide ECCE graduates with an extra advantage over their colleagues, enabling them to stand out from the crowd in the job market.  

We have a broad range of lectures and internships to choose from in accordance with their career focus or personal interest. This ensures that ECCE graduates obtain a ‘complete package’ of skills, which any successful young business professional and/or entrepreneur should possess.  

We want ECCE students to experience what it is like to work in the field of international business, medicine, law and architecture and further enhance their skills, focusing both on their personal and professional development. There is a careful selection of topics which will be covered in the year 2018. Topics may vary slightly each year.

Who are we? There is a short video about us.

Who are our lecturers? Leading experts on law, international business, medicine and architecture.

What is our approach?The following is how ECCE Summer Program works:

Upon Arrival to Prague

Upon Arrival to Prague

Upon students’ arrival, we welcome them at the "Vaclav Havel" Airport in Prague. After check-in at a dormitory (for this year we are cooperating with Masaryk Dormitory and Botic Student House), our ECCE staff helps them to familiarize with the city and arrange basic needs for their stay. Our goal is to prepare and maintain a hospitable, friendly and welcoming environment for all our students, considering their personal needs, and comply to any special requests to the best of our ability. 

Buddy Program

Students are divided into groups of 10 and assigned a buddy, who is the liaison for the group regarding all matters and situations that students may encounter while in Prague. The buddy will also provide personal assistance for individual students.

Lectures and Internships

The Program will first consist of a three week series of ECCE lectures by leading experts. Charles University awards credits to successful ECCE's graduates in Law and International Business. 

Internships by ECCE

Next, our internships provide the real-life job experience you desire. A three to five-week internship will be arranged at a company of your choice according to ECCE's test results (1-3 students per company). Internships are always under close supervision and guidance of senior company representatives, who attend to the students and provide hands-on coaching. Students will be able to choose their internships from law firms and corporations residing in all EU countries depending on their professional priorities.

Entertainment and Graduation

Our staff arranges various team-building events for students throughout the lecture period of the program. We engage students in plenty of free time activities and introduce them to local culture in an entertaining way such as Escape Room, Karaoke, Laser games, a barbecue dinner, Prague sightseeing, and trips around the Czech Republic and abroad.


A worldwide recognized certificate of ECCE graduation is provided at the end of each Program at an informal certificate awarding ceremony at an evening barbecue event. Certificates of graduation are issued under the sponsorship of the Charles University in Prague in the case of the law, international business and medicine programs. In addition, the partner companies grant certificates of internships on this occasion. 


To apply, you just need to click the "Apply" button, provide us with some basic information about you and wait for our response. Your application at this point is non-binding. If there is anything else you wish to know, please contact us via question@eccedu.org.

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