Interview with the director of ECCE - Tomáš Hülle

The magazine "Listí" of leading organisation on Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda - Asociace Společenské odpovědnosti has published an interview about the story of European Centre for Career Education. The founder, Tomáš Hülle describes why ECCE was established and how does it pursue the vision of education for the next 100 years to come.
The key part is in particular recognition of our partners that we work closely with because they help us to see what is needed and implement it in the reality.
Furthermore, Tomáš has revealed the ECCE's expansion plans - the opening of offices in Dubai and Shanghai next year and other new programs which are under development.
One of the most important values for us is the corporate responsibility (CSR). Last year we spent approximately 15% of our profit on helping other non-profitable projects. We continue working on CSR and transform it into our strategy.
Interview with the director of ECCE  - Tomáš Hülle