How do programs differ from each other?

Each of our programs focus on a different area of knowledge. Each program has its own lecturers and internships, but all of them share the same vision of practical education. They should bring to students information and experience they would not be able to obtain otherwise during their university study.

Are there any extra curricular activities organised for students?

Yes, there are many extra curricular activities organised by the ECCE staff. Participation on most of them is voluntary and also the type of activity is based to a large extent on desires of our students. There will be organised trips not only within Prague itself but also cities of interest in the whole Czech Republic and close abroad. Karaokes, laser games or simply nights out popular local places are possible as well. There are many options such as beer tasting, night thematic sightseeing of Prague full of fun facts, even cruises on the river Moldau or of some of many prague museums are possible. We also organise panel discussions for our students. So that there will be ballance between fun and work.

How will the program help me with my future plans and career?

It brings perspectives which are not revealed during university study. ECCE programs will differ you from other colleagues by providing you with a practical experience in your field. 

Will I have an opportunity to build up my own professional network during the program?

Yes. Not only during your internship itself, but there are also receptions, during which students will be able to meet many inspiring people who contribute to ECCE in various ways. The Grand Reception is an annual meeting place of high level representatives from both Czech and foreign companies, politicians and academia.   

What will I learn during the program?

You will learn not only something new in your field, be it business, law, medicine or architecture, but also something about the local European enviroment. You will gain better understanding of topics by getting comparison of how is the same topic taught in a different country.

Are there academic credits awarded for the program?

Yes, there are 4 ECTS credits awarded by Charles University to Law and Business program graduates. 

Are there any scholarships awarded to students?

Yes! Scholarships are not based on the CV or other formal requirements, but will be distributed among students based on their performance during the classes in Prague. They will be carefully observed and those who will be the most talented and active during program will be ultimately rewarded.

What will students do during internships?

Content of internships are adjusted to fit each student and program individually. The works consists of minor office work connected to the real life practise such as research, translations, memorandum writing etc. Internship is always under a close guidance of senior company representatives, who help students and coach them further. 

Where will internships take place? Will it be in the Czech Republic?

Students can choose from various internships in all of EU countries. If students decide to choose internship in other EU country than Czech Republic, they bear costs realted to such internship incl. especially of travel and acomodation expences.  

How long will the internship be?

The length of  internships varies. It is in the range of three to five weeks.

How demanding will the program be?

The program takes about seven weeks in total. The lectures are usually in two blocks during the day with 2 hours long lunch break and minor coffee breaks during the  program. Lectures start approximately at 8:00 AM and end at about 6:00 PM. You must attend the classes and be focused and active in order to get the most out of your participation and to have a better chance to get the best internship.  

Is there any English proficiency level required?

Each participant has to be fluent in spoken & written English in order to participate in the Program fully.

Is there any professional background required from students?

None, except for the study field. It is recommended to apply for the program which meets your study field or has a connection to it at least, so you will have greater profit from participating. In case of doubts, please conatct us.    

How is the payment for the tuition managed?

Once you apply for the Program at our website, we will evaluate your application to see whether you are eligible for the Program. If so, we will get to you with the payment instructions. Once we register the payment, we will let you know and ask the university - Charles University in Prague - to issue the Invitation Letter for you. The letter also serves as a supporting document for your visa.

Why are programs located in Prague?

More than 600 international companies have chosen Prague as their Central-European headquaters, due to its strategic position. The city is not only logistically well positioned but also offers many cultural and historical points of interest. We believe that it is the perfect starting point for understanding Europe from various perspectives. 

Why are there almost no professors among the faculty?

We strive to prepare our students for the obstacles which occur in daily practise, therefore our lectures are succesfull people in the field. They will give our students knowledge which exceeds the one covered by university, because it comes from their proffesional daily experience.

How is decided who will be lecturers every year?

We have a range of lecturers with whom we cooperate. It is always a matter of their time and topics that shall be covered during lectures. Additionally, we focus on lectures evaluation and keep only people who deserve to continue and are considered the best by our students.   

Whom can I contact if I have any questions before my arrival to Prague?

Approach our team via question@eccedu.org.  One of our team members will reply to you shortly. We always reply within 24 hours period. If we do not reply to your e-mail, it was probably lost on the way and we would like to ask you to contact us again.

What should I do before the arrival to Prague?

Contact the team of ECCE and follow our advise, please. We will make sure you will enjoy your stay and benefit from our Program.

How do programs differ from each other?

Every program focuses on a different field of business, introduces different lecturers and offers different educational content. The common vision is to offer to ECCE students what they need to be successful in their post-university career and offer them new perspectives on topics not covered on the university level.

What should I do if I need a visa to visit the Czech republic?

Contact and find requirements established by the Czech Embassy in your country and parallel to that contact the ECCE staff in order to provide an official Letter of Invitation. This letter is the only requirements which you will need from the ECCE.

What extra costs can I expect?

Meals, accommodation and flight tickets are not covered by the tuition fee. There also may be some other expences related to non mandatory parts of ECCE programs, but ECCE generally covers all expences related to the program otherwise.