Stephen Hong

Head of Bid Management / Arbitrator / Mediator / FCIArb

Stephen Hong has been in the position as the Head of Bid Management for NTT Com Asia Limited since 2010. Stephen has mainly focused on contract negotiation and bid management in the region, as a leading role supporting Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

Stephen commenced his career as a telecommunication and IT engineer after graduation from the university with BSc. in Applied Computing. Later, he earned a MBA and MA in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution that he became a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Stephen is currently a listed arbitrator in HKIAC, SHAC, SHIAC, KLRCA and IIAM.

Stephen has over 20 years of experience in contract management and negotiation with engagement in electrical engineering, construction, telecommunications, IT, pharmaceutical and other industries; plus extensive training and coaching experience for university students in arbitration, mediation and contract negotiation.