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Welcome to the small and friendly country in the heart of Europe

Prague: the City of One Hundred Spires

  • Amongt the 10 safest cities in the world.
  • Nicknamed "Heart of Europe" 
  • With 1.3 mil. inhabitants, the 5th most visited city in EU and the 21st in the world, which puts it  is ahead of Shanghai and Beijing, Las Vegas, San Francisco or Los Angeles, Sydney, Vienna, Barcelona, Berlin, Florence or Rio de Janeiro.
  • Prague is also one of the safest capitals in the world.
  • Prague offers beautiful architecture and sights ranging from early middle ages to modern times - a display of the country’s very rich cultural history.
  • More than 600 international companies have chosen Prague as their Central-European headquarters due to its strategic position.
  • Many attractive tourist destinations are in car-driving distance: Vienna and Salzburg (Austria), Berlin, München and Dresden (Germany), Krakow (Poland), Bratislava (Slovakia), Český Krumlov or Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic).

Who are our lecturers? Leading experts on law, international business, medicine and architecture.

Who we are? There is a short video about us.

What is our approach?Here is how ECCE Summer Program works.

Our Philosophy

Good knowledge of your field is essential, but you have to be able to apply your knowledge in practice. Our goal is to provide ECCE Summer Program graduates with an extra advantage among their colleagues; to stand out from the crowd in order to have a future advantage on the job market.

For 2017 we have designed a unique set of four different Summer Progams on Law, International Business, Medicine and Architecture. Choose the one that suits you best and apply!

Upon Arrival to Prague

Upon students’ arrival we welcome them at the Vaclav Havel Prague Airport. After check-in at a dormitory (for this year we are cooperating with Masaryk Dormitory and Botic Student House), ECCE staff helps them to familiarize with the city and arrange basic needs for their stay. Our goal is to prepare and maintain hospitable, friendly and welcoming environment for all students, considering all their personal needs or requests we can comply with. 

Buddy Program
Students are divided into groups of 10 and assigned a buddy, who is the liaison for the group regarding all matters and situations students can encounter while in Prague. The Buddy is also of personal help for individual students.

Lectures and Internships

Three weeks long series of ECCE lectures by leading experts. Charles University awards credits to successful ECCE´s graduates in Law, International Business and Medicine. We are still negotiating with several local universities, of one which will be awarding credits in Architecture.

Internships by ECCE
Our internship is the job experience you crave for. Three to five week long internship at a company of your choice according to ECCE´s test results (1-3 students per company). Internships are always under close watch and guidance of senior company representatives, who attend to students and coach them further. Students will be able to choose their interships from law firms and corporations residing in all EU countries depending on their professional Priorities.

Entertainment and Graduation

Our staff arranges various team-building events for students throughout the lectures period (the first month) of the Program. We engage students in various free time activities and introduce them to local culture in an entertaining way such as through escapers, karaoke evening, laser game, barbecue dinner, Prague sightseeing or trips around Czech Republic and abroad.

Worldwide recognized certificate of ECCE graduation is provided at the end of each Program at an informal certificate awarding ceremony, usually in a form of an evening BBQ event. Certificates of graduation are issued under the auspices of the Charles University in Prague in the case of the law, international business and medicine programs. What is more, the partner companies grant certificates of internships on this occasion. 


To apply, you just click "Apply button", provide us with some basic information about you and wait for our response. Your application at this point is non-binding. If there is anything else you wish to know, please approach us via question@eccedu.org.

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